We are pleased to announce that the nomination for 2019 AMPC Election is now open. The following positions will be vacant by March 2019.

Board of Directors (2 years term) (6 vacant positions)

1. Administrator  (1 position)

2. Professional (1 position)

3. Faculty  (1 position)

4. Staff  (1 position)

5. Maintenance (1 position)

6. Student (1 position)

Audit and Inventory Committee        (3 positions)    – 1 year term

Election Committee                         (3 positions)    – 1 year term

Click the following links to access

List of Present Board and Committee Members:  Click Here

Qualification for Nominations and Function of vacant positions Click Here

Update Your Information Click Here

List of all AMPC members entitled to vote (MEV)Click Here

To nominate online, please click this link  Call for Nominations. Members who do not have access online can get a  hard copy at the AMPC bulletin board. Filled out forms may be submitted at the AMPC office through Ms. Prechie on or before February 16, 2019.

We are counting on your support and participation in this coming election. We are hoping for your thorough and conscientious decision in choosing who will be elected into these important positions. The success and progress of AMPC depends on YOUR precious votes.


Mark Bautista          Rodel Crisostomo        Sairry Garcia